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Baubo belongs to the main Orphic version of the Rape of Persephone (Asclepiades of Tragilus, FGrH 12. 4; Orph. frs. 49–52 O. Kern; see orphism). She resembles Iambe in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter. She and her husband Dysaules receive Demeter at Eleusis during her search for Persephone, and their children Eubouleus and Triptolemus give her information about the rape. Like Iambe Baubo gives Demeter a refreshing drink (the kykeōn), and when she refuses it Baubo by an indecent exposure makes her laugh and accept it. (Her name can be used of the female sexual organs.) The story may be an aition for a ritual at the Thesmophoria. Her cult is found on Naxos in the 4th cent. bce (SEG 16. 478) and Paros in the 1st cent. bce (IG 12. 5. 227).


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