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Simon Hornblower

Labraunda, sanctuary of *Zeus Labraundos in *Caria, between *Mylasa (to which it was linked by a sacred way) and *Amyzon, occupying a mountainous and beautiful position. (Hdt. 5. 119 speaks of Zeus ... More

landscapes, ancient Greek  

Oliver Rackham

The wonderful beauty and diversity of Greece was seldom fully appreciated by ancient Greeks (to whom it was commonplace). Greece has a rich flora and fauna, with many species peculiar to ... More


Ellen E. Rice

Lindus was the most important of the three independent Dorian cities of *Rhodes until the *synoecism with *Ialysus and *Camirus created the federal Rhodian state in 408/7 bce. The city occupies a ... More


James Roy

Lycosura, a small town with an important sanctuary in SW *Arcadia, situated in the hills west of the main Megalopolitan basin, belonged to the Parrhasians, but on the foundation of *Megalopolis was ... More


Catherine A. Morgan, Simon Hornblower, and Antony Spawforth

Olympia, *panhellenic sanctuary of *Zeus located in hill country beside the river *Alpheus in *Elis. There is evidence of extensive prehistoric settlement in the vicinity ... More


Nicholas Geoffrey Lemprière Hammond

Olynthus, a city north of *Potidaea on the mainland of the Chalcidic peninsula (see chalcidice). Originally Bottiaean, it became a Greek city after its capture by *Persia (479 bce) and repopulation ... More


Walter Eric Harold Cockle

Oxyrhynchus (Behnesa), a nome capital (see nomos(1)) beyond the Bahr Yusuf west of the Nile, was the richest source of papyri ever found in Egypt. Grenfell and Hunt excavated for papyri ... More

Panskoye I  

Vladimir F. Stolba

Panskoye I is one of the most prominent and best-studied settlements in the rural territory of Chersonesus on the Tarkhankut Peninsula (north-western Crimea). Founded in the late 5th ... More


Richard Allan Tomlinson

Perachora, ancient Peiraion, the promontory opposite *Corinth, in Corinthian territory. At the western extremity, sited on a narrow shelf of land by a small harbour is the sanctuary of ... More


John Manuel Cook and Antony Spawforth

Priene, an Ionian city situated on the ancient mouth of the *Maeander, with its port at Naulochon. Apart from controlling the joint sanctuary of the *Panionium, it was unimportant, suffering ... More