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Richard Allan Tomlinson

Online publication date:
Mar 2016
In classical architecture a tholos is a circular building. Examples include that on the west side of the Athenian Agora (otherwise referred to as the Skias, or parasol, from the shape of its roof; ... More


John Ellis Jones

Thoricus, coastal *deme of SE *Attica, now a bare twin-peaked hill (Velatouri) north of modern Laurion. In legend, one of King *Cecrops' twelve Attic townships, home of the hunter king *Cephalus, and ... More

Timanthes, of Cythnus, painter, late 5th cent. BCE  

Thomas Bertram Lonsdale Webster and Karim Arafat

Online publication date:
Mar 2016
Timanthes (late 5th cent. bce), painter, of Cythnus, or Sicyon. Famed for ingenium (‘imaginative ingenuity’). His ‘sacrifice of Iphigenia’ showed degrees of grief culminating in the veiled Agamemnon. ... More

Timotheus (3), Greek sculptor  

Gisela M. A. Richter

Online publication date:
Mar 2016
Timotheus (3), Greek sculptor, active during the first half and middle of the 4th cent. bce. He took part in two important monuments of which sculptural remains survive—the temple of ... More


Antony Spawforth

Well-known Greek tourists include *Solon, said (Hdt. 1. 30) to have visited Egypt and Lydia ‘for the sake of seeing’ (theōria), and *Herodotus (1) himself. Sea-borne *trade and sightseeing were ... More


Frederick Norman Pryce and Michael Vickers

Specimens from children's tombs, and representations on Greek pottery vases provide our knowledge of ancient toys, which did not differ essentially from modern ones. For the infant there were ... More


Antony Spawforth

Transhumance, a form of semi-nomadism in which pastoralists move their flocks over long distances between summer and winter pastures. Well-attested in the Mediterranean more recently, it ... More


Philip de Souza

The trireme (Gk. τριήρης, Lat. triremis) was the standard warship of the classical world for much of the time from the 5th cent. bce to the 4th cent. ce. A long rowing-ship, its principal ... More


Donald Emrys Strong

The act of dedicating on the field of battle a suit of enemy armour set upon a stake is a specifically Greek practice. Originally intended as a miraculous image of the theos tropaios who had brought ... More

urbanism, Greek and Hellenistic  

Robin Osborne

Online publication date:
Mar 2016
Urban units are to be distinguished not simply by the size of the community, but by its topographical organization, occupational pattern, and cultural sophistication. The formation of ... More