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Cestius Gallus, Gaius, suffect consul, 42 CE  

Nadav Sharon

Online publication date:
Dec 2015
C. Cestius Gallus (d. 67 ce) is believed to have been the son of the consul of 35 ce by the same name (Tac. Ann. 6.31; Cass. Dio 58.25.2). He was appointed suffect consul in 42 ce (CIL VI 2015),1 and ... More

Gaius (1), 'Caligula', Roman emperor, 12–41 CE  

John Percy Vyvian Dacre Balsdon, Barbara Levick, and Tessa Rajak

Online publication date:
Mar 2016
Gaius (1) the emperor, ‘Caligula’ (Gaius Iulius Caesar Germanicus, (12–41 ce), son of Germanicus (see iulius caesar, germanicus) and *Agrippina the Elder, born at *Antium (31 August). In 14–16 he was ... More