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agricultural writers  

M. Stephen Spurr

Online publication date:
Dec 2015
Agricultural manuals, written by practising landowners, flourished at Rome from M. *Porcius Cato (1) (c.160 bce) to *Palladius (c.Mid 5th cent. ce), enjoying higher status than other technical ... More

Albinus (2), writer on music, geometry, and dialectic  

Edward Courtney and R. A. Kaster

Online publication date:
Dec 2015
Albinus (2) writer on music, geometry, and dialectic, probably identical with Ceionius Rufius Albinus (PLRE 1 ‘Albinus’ 14), the consul of ce 335, and perhaps with the poet of works ... More

Athenaeus (2) Mechanicus  

Eric William Marsden

Online publication date:
Dec 2015

Athenaeus (2) Mechanicus, author of an extant work on siege-engines (Περὶ μηχανημάτων; see artillery; siegecraft), perhaps to be dated in the 1st cent. bce or ce.

Pliny (1) the Elder, 23/24–79 CE  

Nicholas Purcell

Gaius Plinius Secundus, prominent Roman equestrian, from Novum *Comum in Gallia Cisalpina (see gaul (cisalpine)), commander of the fleet at *Misenum, and uncle of *Pliny (2) the Younger, best known ... More

Pompeius Trogus  

Alexander Hugh McDonald and Antony Spawforth

Trogus Pompeius, a Romanized Vocontian from Gallia Narbonensis (see gaul (transalpine)), author of zoological, and perhaps botanical works, now lost, and the Philippic Histories (Historiae ... More