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Philoponus, John  

Richard Sorabji

Online publication date:
Mar 2016
John Philoponus (c. 490ce to 570s), a Christian Neoplatonist (see neoplatonism) in *Alexandria (1), influenced subsequent science down to Galileo by replacing many of *Aristotle's theories with an ... More

Celsus, Roman author of The True Doctrine, late 2nd cent. CE  

William David Ross and David Potter

Online publication date:
Dec 2015
Author of a comprehensive philosophical polemic against *Christianity, The True Doctrine, written probably between 175 and 181 (Origen, C. Cels. 8. 69, 71). The work is primarily known through ... More

Augustine, St, Aurelius Augustinus, 354–430 CE  

John F. Matthews

Online publication date:
Jul 2015
St Augustine (Aurelius Augustinus (354–430 ce), was born at Thagaste (mod. Souk Ahras, Algeria), son of Patricius, a modest town councillor of pagan beliefs, and a dominant Catholic ... More